You don’t know a selfish heart



It is when my whole body is shut down

because my mouth refuses to speak

on behalf of all the members

of my body how each organ

wishes to to be worshipped


is when my legs doesn’t consult my

brain but walks me to the

door of unrequited love and

forbids my heart to plead not

guilty of bondage

because redemption is just like

the defendant who never showed up

in the court room

there  is nothing selfish

about bargaining for a price

of love you are willing to purchase

and no one has ever

taught you the otherside

of selfishness

so you applaud and wrap

medals around the lungs

of those who

will deny themselves

of every right to live,

thrive and survive

in exchange of their own

privilege and compass that

points to love

love as a birthright

but this birthright will never ever

be exchanged for a piece of any flesh

even if it was a spiced morsel containing

all the world’s kindness as long as

it has no bearing in my own soul

you have been taught that self love

is an expensive fragrance

and you can’t buy it alone

and you can’t handle it alone

without inviting someone else

to be the master of ceremony

of a party of one

a party that had only your name

and yours only

a party where you don’t tremble

to hold your rose because you are

learning to be comfortable

with your thorns

and you have every right

to ask for stars to be planted

under your feet

if it’s stars you want

you don’t know a selfish heart


you don’t know it one bit

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