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The adult Anonymous Community is an open community for all types of people in their adult phase of life to journey in the togetherness of hope, healing, and love amidst the unwavering changing seasons of adult life. Its inspiration is drawn from the acclaimed recovery community of the alcoholic anonymous. Membership is open to anyone who seek a community to journey the adult phase of their lives.

A.A.’s primary purpose is to bring people together to become stories of hope, healing, and love to one another.

In Adult Anonymous Community, we believe that wellness is done perfectly in community. We don’t have to do that work of healing, growth, rediscovery of self, attaining sobriety, and all the other disciplines that groom us into becoming the best versions of ourselves all alone. Humans need connection to thrive. Therefore, healthy and life supporting connections become the rock upon which we lean on for survival in times of chaos as well as the warm embrace we lean in with gratitude in times of celebration.

Jo Nketiah

Founder – Adult Anonymous Community



We believe that vulnerability isn’t a sign of weakness as adults but rather a sign of great courage. With vulnerability, we reveal the deeper parts of our being and that begins our journey into becoming authentic as well as empathetic to ourselves and others.


We believe there is power in telling and owning our stories. We take time to share our personal struggles and victories. We give permission for people to be witnesses to the daunting stories of our lives. We embrace the discomfort in speaking truthfully, even when it is difficult.


We embrace accountability as a way of strengthening and fortifying each other in navigating the adult life through its up and downs.


We celebrate every milestone in our lives with full gratitude and pride.


We believe that our individual journeys can be healthy and beautiful if we let. We acknowledge that it is possible to work towards an authentic life by being the best version of ourselves.


TO serve as a recovery center and a correction center for struggling adults by giving them hope, healing and love to navigate their adult lives. We hope to have institutionalized recovery program for people, provide temporary housing and give back to the society.

  • To offer hope, healing, and love to every adult whether they are in a place of sobriety or struggling.
  • To offer a safe and honest place for people to navigate through their adult lives with strong sense of community.
  • To help people have access to professional mental health aids.
  • To offer professional therapy to its members.
  • To encourage the advocacy for mental and emotional health in the country


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