I never thought I need rest until I actually started having one. Everybody around me was telling me “ Jo, slow down, rest”. My mom’s concern was the deepest that echoed in my two blocked ears. Now if you take a closer look at my face, you will have this revelation. I have one of the smallest ears on the planet. It’s soo small you wouldn’t bother yourself to see which in your subconscious mind you wouldn’t even consider I was born with ears which is also quite a dangerous place I will like to be in your mind. Wait ? A face without ears? That’s gonna be scary! Lol

Then in December last year I had someone coming in to help me with some few stuff. I strongly was in opposion because I just don’t like people doing stuff for me. It makes me feel powerless sometimes. They were times I have paused to ask “Do I have ADHD? “ but with my little exposure in the psychy world, I know better the harm of self diagnosis.

Having said that, stop calling your mood swings “depression”. It’s way more than that. Well that’s just by the way.

Of late I have been having the “ You look healthier, you seem happier, you look fresher, well except for the you look wealthier part which I am patiently waiting for.

I took this medicine idea so hard. I have simply being RESTING.

No pressure to show up when not necessary.


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