The love that liberates

…Because in the end , people can only give what they have, and that is what I have come to know and whilst in some previous times I have really hurt deeply because I couldn’t get to experience that kind of love I was yearning for from some of my deepest and even shallow human relationships, I have come to embrace the power in letting go of one’s expectation when it hasn’t been met. It is the holding on with desperation and the false belief that we may have it, maybe if we keep asking, or try harder, or the subtle belief of our entitlement to something we keep asking-the lie we tell ourselves that we deserve it too because we are giving as well, that is what brings all the pain and the many heartaches . But there must be some liberty in love reserved for ourselves because no human being has ever been capable of loving another human being completely without a certain void and emptiness lingering somewhere deep in their own hearts.

-Jo Nketiah

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