Ode To depression

i am standing here
i am clapping for you
you have been much
stronger to get here
to use your voice
to admit your
own vulnerability
you will find the way
only trust
you will
and hey!!!
it’s so okay to get depressed
walk into your own healing
at your own pace
it won’t kill you
see how you will
come out budding
like a new rain
and all that craziness
you thought you
had, even the demon
you thought lived
inside of you
will eventually
become your
they might
not go overnight
but you will learn
to stay with them in peace
right here in your heart
you know it
it is something
that keeps telling
you will make it
through every second
every minute
every hour
and a day
will pass
and another
and you won’t
even realize
you’ve have been
living with your death
but you have been living
and that’s what is important
so I am standing here
clapping for you
giving all accolades
because you are living
i am living too
depression can come
but it will not take our lives

i am standing here clapping for you

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