no black girl

for no black girl/

will ever hate
the colour of her skin
for to be a black girl
is not a movement
it is not a cry for attention
it is not even a song
it is not a discrimination against fairness
no! it is not

it is a birth right


it chooses you
it is air
you must take in to breathe

it is a tattoo
it must forever
be on your black skin
to remind you
that you-r- beauty- is-full

it needs not to be changed
to be tempered

with creams and drugs
or lessen and diluted
by the mixture of a society
with additional ingredient of

“you are too-black”
how black is my too black????????

it should not be touched
it should not be filtered

with insecurities and doubt

when i was a little girl
there were places i didn’t go
because i was too-black
nobody said i wasn’t invited
i just wasn’t proud to go

even if it came with a simple invitation

there were boys i was afraid to crush on
men i swore i will never steal their eyes

until one day a boy in my neighborhood called
me black coffee and i asked him why

”because that’s the color of your skin
and baby don’t you worry about adding sugar
because many people would love their coffee strong and black
and by the way, i figured you had both”

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