It is our year of all round pursuit of health. A year we embark on our mental, emotional, physical and our spiritual journeys into peace, sobriety, gratitude , happiness and contentment.
Penuel is our first spiritual retreat experience of the year 2023 which symbolizes a moment in our life where we seek God’s face while we go through our wilderness experiences.

Inspired by the encountering story of Jacob, when he had spent a night alone on a river side during his sojourn to Canaan, He encounters God and wrestled with him for his blessings. Jacob is given the name Israel and receives the covenant promises passed on from generation to him as was given to his father Isaac and Grandfather Abraham. He names the place “Penuel” which translates as Face of God.
Penuel invites us to seek God’s face in the season of our aloneness and hold onto him for his blessings. Not just physical blessings but Spiritual blessings.

The five day, four night retreat will take place at The Eden village also known as Edenkro or “land of paradise” , An eco-village of Edenway Foundation where you will experience harmony with nature.
We have deliberately chosen this pristine environment for you to experience harmony with nature so as to experience a serene moment whiles you seek the Lord’s face in the spirit of community and during your alone moments. We pray that God speaks to you heart to attend this retreat or donate towards it.


May 31 2023 - Jun 04 2023


5 days 4 night
8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Jo Nketiah

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