Dear friend,

I woke up feeling so much alive this morning. It is like this day has been waiting for me, this place, this moment, the trees, the wind, the birds, the clouds, every droplet of rain-no matter the distance had been patiently waiting for my coming. They knew my existence, they knew time was going to draw me closer into diving into this moment. We have always been in synch.

When I started this journey, I only had one thing in mind, It was not even faith, it was just the gift of showing up with what I have and the pleasure in sharing.
I have come to believe in the power of WAVELENGTHS. We are all synched into our purpose with the very people we are suppose to meet in life and over the years, it has been a journey that keeps proving to be true.
When I met Desmond on KNUST campus one afternoon in my first year , as I sat quietly all by myself reading the book Gifted Hands by Ben Carson, I didn’t know later in life he was going to be the one to send me one of the most favorite books- for colored girls by Ntozake Shange which has been a great support in pursuing poetry this year on his return from abroad.
When I was an intern as 37 Hospital, I never envisioned Dr. Andrew Kaminta was going to be the one to secure me a job after service. We are in synched with our helpers and teachers and just like my friend Maya Farzia will put it “we just have to tune in”.
Science says a wave length is a measure of distance between two identical peaks or crests — high points — or between two identical troughs — low points — in a wave. Wavelengths represent a repeating pattern of traveling energy and no doubt we share this energy with specific people in our lives and no sometimes this distance isn’t that far. We are closer than we think. We just need to open our mouth and say the words” hello, I am this and I do this”.
I carry myself along. It is a conscious decision. I introduce myself by my name, followed by my passion and my career. And there’s no pride in that as some people will make you want to believe. It is called putting on the radar, ready to get found!
This year, I have thrive on the energy, faith, love and encouragement from people. My first poetry show was my friend and brother Kwabena Eddie Mankata‘s idea.
When I met Dr Gameli Tordzro on Facebook, little did I know that he was going to be a great role in my life. The first time we met, He just felt right, like a Father, the grandfather I never had and being in Glasgow with his family has been one of the blessings in my life this vacation.

Dear friends… search deeply and you will find. You will notice. The people coming in and going out are not coincidental. They are for a reason. My friend Delasy has a reputation of using the word “God sent” and I believe that is what we are in each other’s life.

Just tune in. Start the dream. Work the vision. It will not be easy but things will fall into place. You will meet your helpers on your way oh I promise you that. Some will pray for you( like my inner circle), others will cheer you on( like you all do here on Facebook), some will give you a vision( like Dr Gameli Tordzro some will secure you a job( like Dr Andrew Kaminta ), some will make you feel another side of friendship again( like Delasy), and it doesn’t matter even if it’s for a brief second or moment.

And just like my friend from Uganda Maya Farzia puts it in her poem

WAVE LENGTH (for Joelle) in our anthology

We sit for hours
At times for minutes
You and I silent-Silently listening
to each other’s stories
From the time we have spent apart

In every blink a memory created
In every smile a story remembered
waiting for a moment to weave it
into the conversation

Watching carefully the words
That we are making from
This foreign language
Languaging and languishing
In a language we are now good at
Rarely together but in the same wavelength
we go again and again and again
– Mayo Farzia 2018

We are in synch. I hope we find each other as we are meant to be.

Love from Glasgow
Jo Nketiah

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