what will you do with truth
what will you do if you can touch her face
feel the softness in her cheek
look deep into the clear lens of her eyes
count the number of blinks she makes every minute
will you notice her
what will you do with the truth

OCTOBER 24, 2019
19: 25 PM
At work

You should see my face as I walked out of the ultrasound room to tell my two colleagues I have found. I couldn’t hide, all of a sudden the enlightenment I had gained from a simple dialogue from a movie series I have been following for a while now- greenleaf.

I mean it’s just fictional but it magnifies a lot of questions about everything I find myself questioning about my own christian journey. And what I found from a dialogue in one of the episodes just became the weapon I needed in this season of battles.

How pearls are made.

A parasite creeps into an oyster and as a defense mechanism, the oyster responds by covering that invasive part left in its self with a substance called nacre and eventually turns what was a painful and out of place process into something beautiful.

And i just figured that this was just what I needed at this moment of my life. Friends, this part of my life is called thriving. I have been thriving these part weeks. I have been trying to confront issues I have pretended to let go out of fear. I have been consciously dealing with myself and confronting myself with all the honesty I can produce at any given time. It has been a tough process, almost feels like I am losing and I know I have been hard on myself too.

Many times, we go through situations in life like the oyster, something starts to parasite on us, and with every strength we have, we thrive and by the time the process is over, we birth in us extraordinary pearls of all sizes and colors and those virtues become the testimonies of our pain, and hurt, resentment, disappointment, grief, hard work, little beginnings and all the other things that was capable of breaking us completely down.

We get pearls of patience, of loving more, of trust, self control, self awareness, bravery, courage, empathy and all the most expensive virtues life squeezed out of us to make us who we are, strong, undefeated, real and solid until…

somebody who didn’t know this,or a sudden situation show up and we cast these precious virtues away just like that.

See, i don’t know what or who you are throwing your pearls to. But i know mine. yes I do. I don’t miss a thing all the things and people I have been surrendering my pearls to. Oh yes, there a moment i have felt like quitting writing or walking away from everybody just because of a single place of emotional burden, a person or a situation. I have been at a point where I was willing to let all this go, all the writings, the identity, everything go. I have been at a road where i have wanted to burn every single one of my work, cleared all my social media platforms and leave no trace as if there was never a me here.
There was never my writings. Never a trace of me.

I know the exact things i am letting go of all the virtues birth out of pain to, I know it and I am putting a stop right away!!

I know I can’t gather all that I have scattered away all these years and months and days but I am saving the rest for myself, and yes I know as I live, I will make more pearls as life squeezes and brings the best substance out of me.

Thank God I know now the value of a pearl, and the painful process something like oysters need to go through in order to produce them and I use need because survival is every human necessity.

You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

Seriously, I just felt I needed to share this. I couldn’t even hide this enlightenment from my already exhausted colleagues. They didn’t escape my burst of joy as I told them what truth i have found.

I just feel like somebody just needed this right now.

Don’t throw the pearl unto swines…you went through something to get it.

Please don’t.

Jo Nketiah


  1. Thank you Jo, indeed someone needed this and it is me. For a long while now i have been doing a lot of soul searching and your words make perfect sense to me… i had been so angry with the past and how i had allowed some people to get away with things that i was willing to tear everything else apart… i have felt like there is a hurricane building up in me… thank you… thank you… i just don’t want to go on and on …so thanks. What i will add though is that sometimes when God puts a gift in us we shy from it because society tries to strip it away with their norms by saying its nothing so we listen… i have always asked myself this gift of beading and crafting i have deep within me what is it for…society makes me think its nothing because others have this talent but i know He (God) has a purpose… so please dont shy from yours bcos it is blessing to some of us… i know God made us meet on purpose

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