On That Day

i want my rising to coincide with the orchestra
just before sunrise as black birds begin to sing
one by one
then all together
their voices joining in
to greet me a new day
i want the sun to settle right in my face
and plant a sweet kiss on my mouth
a taste like caramel syrup
and leave paradise’s praise
on my lip
then i want to breathe
open my lungs and expose every
alveoli to the rushing of the gale
then i want to walk
walk on red maple dry leaves
like it was fall
and the everything in my life
was beginning to find it’s perfect place
and balance
to set my heart budding more
and still more
like flowers for the bees
like home for the hummingbird
like stars for the sky
like dew for mountains
like time for seasons
then i want to dance
raise my hands in the air
and my hair soft lifted
by the winnowing wind
sinking as light lives and
darkness die
to the piece of music
echoing in my soul
then i want to sway
let the earth raise my feet
from shallow grounds till i
can soar and touch the faces
of many angels
until every cell in my body fully
agrees that warm days will never cease
with no gown
with no shoe
with no cathedral
no cameras
no space
just me
just God
just him
just love poured from
all the ends of the earth
boldly scripted into the story
as the epilogue of a new journey
with the one in waiting
for me
just as i was found waiting on you him too
on that day
when a missing
a found

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