A lot of Christian centered women conferences blindly project the proverbs 31 woman as the standard biblical reference to biblical womanhood but throughout the Bible, there are stories of women flirts like Ruth, Prostitutes like Rahab, Slaves like Hagar, Attention seekers like Sarah, Sex addicts like Gomer, Unlovable wives like Leah,  Traumatic rape victims like Dinah, Intelligent spies like Delilah, Feminists like Deborah, Cheating wives like Bathsheba, Rebels like Miriam, Workaholics like Martha and certainly Good girls like Mary and more women outliers whose stories are waiting  to be dug out by modern women like you and I who are all of these women one way or the other , to serve as a true evidence that the contributions of all these different women were publicly addressed in the Bible to remind believers that every kind of woman has a place in the story of God if only they will trust Him and allow Him to use it.  Enough of the “wanting to be”. Let God use your own story.

-Jo Nketiah

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