lover was the one who first poured

honey into your mouth

lover left you and went

a     w    a   y

but lover left a taste in your mouth

and you only know one

way how love must taste like

even if you accidentally let your

tongue take a sip

when lover calls you beautiful

your day is always good no matter what

when lover slides his hand quietly

behind your back while you both

walk at the mall

you feel like a queen

when lover kisses you

you melt into all  the stages of women

you had been once before


lover left

lover is gone

but lover is not

g   o   n  e

and every man who has

come after lover

looks like lover

walks like lover

smells like lover

eats like lover

sleeps like lover

baths like lover


lover lives in all of them

and they don’t understand why

because when lover went away

lover forgot to carry away the

taste in your mouth

and it doesn’t matter

who brings what and when

everything tastes honey

and you will still

convince yourself again

anytime somebody pours anything

in your mouth

it could be vinegar

but you will say

this wine taste like lover’s


stop killing yourself


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