in unloving memory

in (un)loving memory 

the members of my body

my eyes, who does the crying

my heart, who does the breaking

my body, who misses his touch 

my nose, who knows the scent of his smell

my ears, who remembers his unspoken words

wish to announce 

the death of my [ex] beloved

who is [was] my lover 

whose memory suddenly faded away

last night

with six bottles of beer

and a  one night stand with a stranger

i can’t remember

leading to a voluntary post traumatic amnesia

there will be no wake

his letters will be placed in a bottle

and be given to the sea

his gifts will be auction without a price

his pictures will be donated to lit fires

(non)sympathizes are warmly welcome


two-thousand-and-fourteen-to-two thousand-and-nineteen 

fade in perfect peace

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