Cinderella or the beast? you decide!

life teaches us innocently but blindly
that to be a Cinderella
there is nothing wrong with needing some magic
to transform a pumpkin into a carriage
a mice into many horses
lizards into footmen
a goose into the coachman
and a ripped gown into an incredible ball gown
completed with a pair of glass slippers
to be noticed by a Prince
but then you will have to be quickly
found back home
before the clock strikes midnight
and that will save you from
being recognized exactly the way you are
leave a trace
and Prince charming will come looking for you
this is what life teaches us about love and acceptance
innocently as children
that somehow you will need some little magic
to feel safe to truly reveal who you are
and somehow i get it
because we are scared of seeing misery, scars,
pain, ugly, messy, disability, wounds, because these
things do not fit into a world which revolves its self
around perfection
we filter pictures
we fake living
we exaggerates our victories
but keep silent of our failures
our short comings
our personal struggles
our daily hustle
but what if Cinderella had gone to the ball in her rags
would she had gain the attention of Prince Charming?
i am beginning to think that maybe
the Cinderella story wasn’t true love after all
how is love weighed when its first appearance
is preceded by magic?
a magic that hides the truest identity of who we are
even if it is a false identity just for at a moment?
and maybe that is how
some of us leave our lives
seeking the approval and validation
from people even if it mean risking our true selves
to be exposed just a minute before the clock strikes midnight
what if love precedes magic?
like beauty and the beast
this love is able to see beyond
the monster we are
tame the beast we are
play with the danger we are
until it finally ignites the magic
and break the curse till it exposes
the real gold embedded deep within us all ?
what if for a moment we do not choose to be Cinderella
but walk towards beauty even when we know inside us is a roaring beast
will love not change us?
will love not?

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