this heart is under 


to prevent the process 

of decay 

and degradation after long 

usage and careless handling

this heart is under 

construction to help repair 

all severe damages 

of attachments,

mistrust, fear and wounds 

and to save it from

becoming non functional 

please note that/

cleaning maintenance 

is ongoing to restore 

and improve all

broken facility

so that every part of it 

surrounds to an acceptable 

standard and sustains

the utility and value

of what the creator

meant it to be

that is

to love



and to serve

freely to all

manner of persons




close friends



a lover

this will mean that work

will fall under routine

maintenance and will

be attended regularly

some will be needed

to be attended daily

some weekly

while some at

regular interval

please be do not

come too close to

prevent yourself

from getting hurt

from walking on

broken glasses

please be cautious

kindly put

on a High visibility

Safety Clothing

of acceptance



to alert me of your presence

particular in the dark

to prevent a major

break down this

maintenance is needed

now than ever to be

put in place to ensure

that all rooms require

for production will be

operating at 100%

efficiency at all times

this heart is closed

now temporarily

and deeply

apologize for any inconvenience

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