at twenty6

at twenty six
(everything needs fixing)

the toilet and sink
your ego and clock
your kitchen cabinets and heels
your windows and doors
the white walls need painting
the floor needs mopping
your soul needs cleansing
you need new towels
and tooth brush
you need new sweethearts
you need a first aid box
with bandages and plasters
because somedays a call
will end with a wounded heart
and you will need to put it all
together quickly before somebody
breaks into your home and find you
bleeding on the floor
/that is if you are lucky
/and your lifelines are active
/and they work all day and night
you will need diclofenac and tot’héma
some pain will come to live with you
just like your monthly menstrual pains
you won’t fight it no more
but you will both stay as tenants
you will need to learn CPR
you can choke on your own stress
and before anybody notices
you have passed out

7 CPR Steps Everyone Should Know
• you will need to be able

• to blow some air into

• your own mouth

• while you block your nose

• do not smell/i repeat do not smell

• the calling of death around you

• compress your chest

until enough hope is pumped back
into your blood
one through your veins
the other through your arteries

some days will require
you swim than run
you will need a lifejacket
any amount can purchase that at a
that will keep you floating on the surface
water will cleanse your sins and guilt

at twenty six
you are a plumber
a cleaner
a doctor
a therapist
an electrician
you are etc.

that’s how you survive
at twenty six

at twenty seven

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